Snow Abundance


The balcony is getting full.

So much snow! Wow! I don't think we've had that much snow in ages.

I think I caught a voice in the news saying with 30 cm (11,8 inches) is a record by 1 cm or maybe the voice said it takes another centimeter for the record.

They also said there was going to be another 5 cm during the night.

We took the caps off the LED snowmen so we could tell in the morning: no more snow.

Today, Wednesday 31 December, there was not more snow, but sun and blue sky.

Beautiful day. I will upload the pics from that walk later. Maybe next year ;-)

Next though, some pics of icicles.

Happy New Year, have an enchanted 2015!

Cheers, Xarah

PS: Missed the first pictures? Check it out and see the difference.

More Snow Impressions


Snow is piling up everywhere.

Just loving it.

Snow abundance :-)

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Cheers, Xarah

Walk In The Snow


On Sunday December 28 we wanted to just go for a hot drink.

It turned out to a longer walk. Good thing we had our smart phones with us :-)

Use the grey arrows under the right corner of the first pic to see them all.

It was fun and not too cold, well we were dressed warm. Glad I finally got to wear my warm winter shoes and my colorful winter jacket. 

The issue is not it being cold, the issue is to be dressed appropriately. Don't you agree?

Here are even more snow pictures.

We are starting a 21 day blogging challenge. Are you ready to join?
​We have a huge vision. Lock arms with us. Get on the 21 day challenge with us:

This is really exciting, even though I had thought I'd have time until end of January and now it turns out, the challenge has started and we will have access to the new blogging platform Kalatu on Monday. WOOHOO!!!

It's not too late yet. Get in now!

Cheers, Xarah


Do you have a Facebook Fanpage?


Watch this video. It puzzled me no end why I hardly get any interaction on my fanpages eventhough I had paid for likes and boosted posts.

I certainly will use that money for something more worthwile after watching this video.

Facebook Fraud

Do you have a Facebook Fanpage?

If you do and wonder why you have no likes. Or worse, you have lots of page likes but no engagement. This video explains it:

I do. I have several facebook fanpages or pages.

One of them gets lots of engagement and I have a little over 700 likers. I admit though I did buy likers at the beginning in order to get it started. 

And even though I have not posted much in the past couple of weeks - I used to post (scheduled mostly) every 3-4 hours - I still get likes and engagement. 

  • likes on posts
  • comments on posts
  • even shares

My other two fanpages where I post stuff, quotes, blog posts, articles (and not just mine), using IFTTT, Buffer and Feedly gets seen by 1-2 people, and no engagement at all.

After watching this video I wonder if I should close these fanpages too. And only post to Twitter, G+ and Linkedin?

But then, I don't get any engagement there either. Again, but then, I'm hardly on these platforms myself. And when I do I get lost and 2 hours later I surface. 

So, I wonder. What's the point in all this social sharings?

I would like to hear your opinion. There is a comment box below, or contact me on Facebook.



Finding Your Dream Again

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It's about time You find your dream again. It happens. We loose our dream. We loose our focus.

Now, it's time to get back on track.

We empower people that's why you need to click this link, put in your best email address and closely watch the video with open mind, open eyes and open ears.

I'll see you inside, helping you get your dream lifestyle (back).

Xarah Dax no more falling

Xarah Dax

She lost her dream

work from home lost your dream xarahdax.comShe got into this industry because she was sold on the idea of time freedom.
The idea to litterly own her own time was intoxicating and at the beginning made her loose sleep.

So she went to work.

Learned everything about the products, the company, the marketing plan and the industry and how to do this business. And she did.

She brought new people into her business all the time. She even had people "duplicating" and also bring in new people. She loved it. She could help so many people.


...everybody leaned on her for the training and coaching of their new people.

She'd do weekly trainings, she'd do personal calls and 3-way calls, she'd do coaching of people several levels deep.

She learned a lot that way.

And of course she was also flattered because everybody came to her with questions. Who wouldn't be?

One day though she realized she was selling the dream and living the nightmare.

And all of a sudden she didn't want to do that to others.

It gotten hard to talk about the business, the dream, the lifestyle knowing she didn't really live it even though the income was nice and more than she had made in her last job. Yet...

She still loved the products, the company, and the people she had met. With some she had made great friends.

One day she sat down and asked herself the hard question: where is the time-freedom, that one 'thing' that got  her interested in the first place? Where was it? More over where did it go? Thinking hard about her situation it seemed she had had more time at her hands when she had a job.

She did have a nice income but she knew if she took a break, find herself, started doing all the things she had dreamed and imagined about, her team would fade away and so would her income. And she'd have to start from scratch. That thought alone scared her, made her shiver.

Was it worth it though? The many evenings spent on the phone and on webinars with her team and their team. The many weekends doing coaching and training calls.

She was devasted.

What to do? Keep on this route and eventually burn out? Quit and find a job?

Both options didn't really feel like an option to her. Yet she couldn't see a third one.

Right when she was at this cross road, a new path opened up in front of her eyes.

It was Empower Network.

Because it was only $25 to get "inside" and have a closer look her credit card was out of her wallet without much thought.

She kept thinking: is this the solution? I want to have fun again. I want my time back. I want my life back. I want my team to have their life back. I want to empower my people to do and have the what ever they desire.

She explored the membership site and started to feel excited again. She felt her face wrinkle into a smile, her heart beat faster. And her mind came up with wonderful pictures. She suddenly saw herself with her team celebrating.

After loggin in she found more than she had anticpated. Fear that she might have waste $25 despeared. She could hear a gentle "poof".

She exhaled a breath she didn't know she'd been holding.

And started to explore the site. Tested the blogging platform. Generally clicked on everything. She watched the sales videos of the other products and bought one after the other.

Feeling more and more excited.

She then got a friendly welcome email from the person she had joined and responded. She didn't even know this person nor did she expect an email or a call.

They had a lovely chat. When she told her story about her lost dreams and lost time freedom she found gentle understanding on the other end of the line.

What a relief! Because she had tried to talk to her sponsor of her other business about her issues but since he had quit, and his sponsor had quit... she'd have to talk to one of the big leaders and she remembered how suddenly she felt so small with her little problems and that it must be her fault, she must be doing something wrong.

What a yucky feeling that was.

All of a sudden though finding understanding was liberating. After she hung up she took a deep breath, it was like she had been holding her breath for months.

She suddenly found herself in Facebook groups and among other people who either had gone through similar trials or had gotten lucky and found Empower Network at the very beginning.

She felt like she came home.

She went and bought all the products, what the Empower Network community calls 'ALL IN'.

Being celebrated to go 'ALL IN' was certainly an experience. Nobody  has congratulated her before to buying products.

Again, she went to work.

After only a few of the training modules she knew she had found the right vehicle to plug her team in. She wanted to give her team what she had found.

  • A vehicle to promote their business.
  • A vehicle to earn more income and have another income stream.
  • A training website where even a total 'newbie' could get all the training they needed and more.
  • And a community of like minded people.

Of course not everybody joined her. But most did.

There was enough training material on selling, marketing, closing, driving traffic and even personal development for everybody no matter where they were at. She closed her own training channel and told everybody to come over to Empower Network.

Her people loved it because they could go through the material and implement what they learned on their own time schedule. Especially her international team members loved it. Finally no more getting up a 2 or 3 am.

All of a sudden, from one day to the other she finally had what she had always wanted!

She owned her own time.

With what she learned in the different marketing modules she put to use to help more people, and she grew her first business and her Empower Network business.

Now, she was working 14 hours a week instead of 14 hours a day.

Do you know somebody like her?

She loves what she does.

She has her life back.

She helps much more people.

Would you like to do the same?

Click here.
Put in your best email address.
Watch the video.

And I'll send you a friendly welcome email. I might even call you ;-)

Welcome to the Empower Network Team!

We empower people.
We are the Empower Network.

Join here

I'll see you inside.

~ Xarah JOY Dax ~

~ Living the life I've created through the principles you'll be learning.... I'll see you at destinations around the world my friend.  The world is yours... go get it.

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