Moving on


When I first joined Empower Network we were blogging on a Wordpress-related platform.

At the beginning we all had the same template, the same header, the same colors. The same everything.

Of course the guys behind the platform made it a bit more customizable over time.

I remember a time, I was in a few weeks when I suddenly had blog posts in my blog from another person, worse, all mine were gone. Disapeared! And then it turned out, I wasn't the only one. Everybody had the blog posts of this one person in their blog!

A bug. A glitch. Who knows? A couple of days later though all was fixed. It could be in the process some might have lost a post or two but nothing major.

We happily kept on blogging for all of 2012 and 3/4 of 2013.

But then it happened.

Empower Network left the Wordpress platform because they built their own.

There was a big launch going on, with the owners of Empower Network making a 4-parter video story which was a lot of fun to watch. Very creative.

Of course we were all excited...

  • we could build more than one blog with the same login
  • more options for customization 
  • one login
  • see our downline's posts

In time we realized the drawbacks:

But only members could comment.

And we all lost traffic and rankings.

This is an image from Google Analytics of the old Wordpress platform. I didn't get a lot of traffic, but hey, it was not bad, and I would get leads and even a sign up once in a while. I wish I knew or remembered what had happened in April ;-)

Once reason I stopped getting traffic to this blog here is: I started a new one - even though the support guys moved our "old" posts from the Wordpress platform to the new, formerly known "Blogbeast" and later "ENv2".

I wanted to start fresh, but I still was not able to come up with a niche target market. There is just too much interesting stuff out there and happening.

So I moved on to and mapped it with my own domain :-)

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Snow Abundance


The balcony is getting full.

So much snow! Wow! I don't think we've had that much snow in ages.

I think I caught a voice in the news saying with 30 cm (11,8 inches) is a record by 1 cm or maybe the voice said it takes another centimeter for the record.

They also said there was going to be another 5 cm during the night.

We took the caps off the LED snowmen so we could tell in the morning: no more snow.

Today, Wednesday 31 December, there was not more snow, but sun and blue sky.

Beautiful day. I will upload the pics from that walk later. Maybe next year ;-)

Next though, some pics of icicles.

Happy New Year, have an enchanted 2015!

Cheers, Xarah

PS: Missed the first pictures? Check it out and see the difference.

More Snow Impressions


Snow is piling up everywhere.

Just loving it.

Snow abundance :-)

We are starting a 21 day blogging challenge. Are you ready to join?
​We have a huge vision. Lock arms with us. Get on the 21 day challenge with us:

Cheers, Xarah

Walk In The Snow


On Sunday December 28 we wanted to just go for a hot drink.

It turned out to a longer walk. Good thing we had our smart phones with us :-)

Use the grey arrows under the right corner of the first pic to see them all.

It was fun and not too cold, well we were dressed warm. Glad I finally got to wear my warm winter shoes and my colorful winter jacket. 

The issue is not it being cold, the issue is to be dressed appropriately. Don't you agree?

Here are even more snow pictures.

We are starting a 21 day blogging challenge. Are you ready to join?
​We have a huge vision. Lock arms with us. Get on the 21 day challenge with us:

This is really exciting, even though I had thought I'd have time until end of January and now it turns out, the challenge has started and we will have access to the new blogging platform Kalatu on Monday. WOOHOO!!!

It's not too late yet. Get in now!

Cheers, Xarah


Do you have a Facebook Fanpage?


Watch this video. It puzzled me no end why I hardly get any interaction on my fanpages eventhough I had paid for likes and boosted posts.

I certainly will use that money for something more worthwile after watching this video.

Facebook Fraud

Do you have a Facebook Fanpage?

If you do and wonder why you have no likes. Or worse, you have lots of page likes but no engagement. This video explains it:

I do. I have several facebook fanpages or pages.

One of them gets lots of engagement and I have a little over 700 likers. I admit though I did buy likers at the beginning in order to get it started. 

And even though I have not posted much in the past couple of weeks - I used to post (scheduled mostly) every 3-4 hours - I still get likes and engagement. 

  • likes on posts
  • comments on posts
  • even shares

My other two fanpages where I post stuff, quotes, blog posts, articles (and not just mine), using IFTTT, Buffer and Feedly gets seen by 1-2 people, and no engagement at all.

After watching this video I wonder if I should close these fanpages too. And only post to Twitter, G+ and Linkedin?

But then, I don't get any engagement there either. Again, but then, I'm hardly on these platforms myself. And when I do I get lost and 2 hours later I surface. 

So, I wonder. What's the point in all this social sharings?

I would like to hear your opinion. There is a comment box below, or contact me on Facebook.



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